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    global warming2

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    global warming2

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    Throughout human history the earth has many of the climate changes that scientists have been able to justify most of natural causes, such as: some volcanic eruptions or solar fluctuations, but the dramatic increase in the Earth's surface temperature over the last two centuries (since the beginning of the industrial revolution), especially twenty years Last scientists could not be subjected to the same natural causes; where human activity during this period a significant impact must be taken into account to explain this steady rise in the temperature of the earth's surface or the so-called global warming Global Warming.

    In the context of studying the evolution of the effects of this phenomenon and to increase public awareness to reduce the increase is currently being held in the period from 13 to 24 November in the Netherlands, the sixth session of the Conference on Climate Change, which is held under the auspices of the United Nations, which will be attended by more than ten thousand members from around the world, and raises the Conference In this session slogan activation of the above decisions taken "Work it out"; to try to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by the phenomenon of global warming, to protect this planet from the development of this phenomenon, which may hinder the life it altogether.

    Global warming
    Can be defined as the phenomenon of global warming Global Warming as a gradual increase in temperature of the lower layers of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth; as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases green greenhouse gases since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, greenhouse gases green, which consists mostly of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, ozone is a natural gases play an important role in heating the earth's surface so that it can life be, without it could reach Earth's surface temperature between 19 degrees and 15 degrees Celsius below zero, where the gases absorb part of the infrared radiation emitted by the Earth's surface a reflection of the rays falling on the surface of the earth from the sun, and keep them in the Earth's atmosphere; to maintain the temperature of the earth in the natural rate.

    But with the advances in industry and transportation since the Industrial Revolution and up to date with reliance on fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) as the primary source of energy, with the combustion of fossil fuels for energy production and use of gas Alkruflorcarbonat in the industry frequently; was producing greenhouse gases green greenhouse gases in large quantities than what is needed atmosphere to maintain the temperature of the earth, and thus resulted in the existence of such additional quantities of these gases to maintain a greater quantity of heat in the atmosphere, and therefore natural that the Earth's surface temperature to increase.

    Certainly the climate system on the planet is more complex than that the increase in surface temperature in this way so quickly, there are many other factors that affect the temperature;, there has been widespread controversy among scientists about this phenomenon and the speed of occurrence, but with increasing emissions of these gases and accumulation in the atmosphere with the passage of time began to show some negative effects of that phenomenon; to confirm the presence and announced near the impatience of the planet is being treated him bad.

    Last what has been monitoring the effects of the phenomenon
    It is the last of those effects which confirm the start of global warming is real and which were presented during the conference:

    Warming ocean waters during the last fifty years; where the temperature rose a thousand meters of the surface by 0.06 ° C, while the temperature rose three hundred meters of the surface by 0.31 ° C, although small those ratios in appearance to it when compared to the amount of water in the ocean is clear how much energy has been staggering Aktzanh in those oceans.

    Decrease in the presence of ice and the thickness of snow at the poles Almottagmedin in recent decades; the data indicated that monitoring satellite Less ice, especially, which remains throughout the year by 14% between 1978 and 1998, while the data showed that spotted submarines decreased thickness of the ice by 40% in the past forty years, while some studies have confirmed that the ratios of natural that can occur with this decline is less than 2%.

    Note melting of snow cover on the island "Greenland" During the past few years in the lower elevations, while higher elevations were not affected; This led to the dissolution of more soluble than 50 billion tons of water in the oceans every year.

    A study measurements of Earth's surface temperature during the last five hundred year high surface temperature of the Earth at a rate of one degree Celsius, there has been 80% of this increase since 1800, while 50% of this increase since 1900.

    Studies show the length of season, melting ice, declining season-long freeze; offering later season melting rate of 6.5 days / century, while offering no later season freezing rate of 5.8 days / century in the period between 1846 and 1996, which means that the air temperature by 1.2 ° C / century.

    All these changes give an indication one is the start of aggravating the problem; so there should be activation of the decisions to reduce levels of pollution in the world and the use of clean energies to try to reduce those impacts, although the phenomenon will continue as a result of the huge amounts that have been produced from polluting gases over the past two centuries, the reduction of such emissions could slow down the impact of the phenomenon that is ticking like the one that no one can predict when that will burst, it really will explode!!

    For further information on each of the phenomenon of global warming and climate change, the conference you can visit the following website:

    Global warming between truth and illusion

    Buthaina Osama

    Raised sharp warning announced by the IPCC climate change adviser to the United Nations at the meeting held on 22 January in Shanghai in China on the prospects of increasing climate change resulting from global warming faster than expected sensation, not only in the scientific community, but also in political circles; has issued this meeting which was attended by more than 150 scientists and 80 members of environmental groups from 99 countries report confirms that caused the main increase in temperature on the surface of the planet is air pollution - caused by various humanitarian activities - and that continued emissions of greenhouse gases Green Greenhouse gases, especially the carbon dioxide at the current level could mean a disaster; where they are likely to increase the temperature 10.5 degrees from its current rate by the end of this century, which means that the severe shortage of freshwater resources as a result of evaporated and the high level of water in the seas and oceans - the result of melting frozen ice at the poles - a rate of up to ten feet; which will lead to the sinking of most of the coastal States.

    The present report sets out a lot of governments, especially governments of the states with the highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions, green, led by the United States and China in an awkward position, especially after the failure of the sixth session of the World Conference on Climate Change last November to reach the activation of the 1987 Protocol - which was approved the industrialized countries to reduce the rate of emission of polluting gases to the air by the year 2010 by 5.2% on average in 1990 - where the United States insisted on the addition rates of carbon dioxide absorbed by forests to the reduction rates, and this has not been approved by many European countries, did not able to reach a compromise is that the conference would be reconvened in May in Bonn, Germany, with the hope to reach a practical solution to reduce the rates of air pollution before it is too late.

    It was the biggest warning has been issued so far to global warming the earth's surface, which scientists believe it is due to increased greenhouse gases, is likely to increase the temperature, which came the report, which amounts to 10.5 degrees; much higher than all possibilities prior to the rate of temperature increase on the surface of the earth, especially that according to recent studies that were not the average temperature on the surface of the ground with the end of the last century, more than one degree only for the natural rate; therefore raised this report in large scientific debate which has not yet been decided about the credibility of the occurrence of this phenomenon, a way that imagine the possibilities, and the extent of the actual impact of the phenomenon of global warming on the climate changes that occur on the surface of this planet.

    Facts about global warming

    Global warming is a natural phenomenon without which could reach Earth's surface temperature to between 19 and 15 degrees Celsius below zero; where the gases that lead to the existence of this phenomenon (of greenhouse gases green) and in the atmosphere of the planet by absorbing infrared radiation emitted by the earth's surface reflection of the rays falling on the surface of the earth from the sun and Thbsaa into Earth's atmosphere, and thus serve those rays retained on heating the earth's surface and raise the temperature, and most important of these gases, water vapor and carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide other than gas, synthetic chemical, which include Alkruflor carbonate CFCs, and since those gases produced by many human activities especially as a result of burning fossil fuels (such as oil and coal), whether in industry or in transport; therefore led to increased rates of presence of such gases in the atmosphere for ratios of natural to them.

    Opinion in favor of the phenomenon

    In the view of proponents of the idea that increased greenhouse gases are causing global warming to increasing rates of greenhouse gases green in the atmosphere lead to the retention of a greater quantity of solar radiation, and thus should lead to high surface temperature is higher than normal rates; so they design computer programs are matching the climate system on the surface of the earth, and the most important influences that affect it, and they periodically fed by data on increases in the rates of emission of greenhouse gases green, and the last what has been monitoring the effects caused by high temperature of the earth for the natural rate; to carry those programs calculating the probabilities the expected increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface as a result of increased rates of emissions in the future, and demands that proponents of this idea downward rapid and effective rates of emission of greenhouse gases green and most importantly carbon dioxide, which accounts for 63% of these gases, and through increased use of clean energy such as energy solar and wind energy in the production of clean fuels instead of fossil fuel use; as the use of such ratios of clean energies does not exceed 2% of the total energy currently used, and this calls for a radical change in the pattern of human life which she is accustomed.

    The view of opponents of this phenomenon

    Opponents and they are few; argue that there are many reasons for the uncertainty of cause increased greenhouse gases in the high temperature on the surface of the earth, but some of them deny the existence of high calls for research; where they see that there are cycles of high and low temperature Earth's surface, Ieddon this view the beginning of the promotion of the idea of ​​a rise in temperature of the Earth, which started in 1900 and lasted until the mid-forties, and then began to Earth's surface temperature to fall in the period between the mid-forties and mid-seventies, so that some began to promote the idea of ​​near occurs last ice age, then began the Earth's temperature to rise again, and the eighties began with the idea of ​​cause increased greenhouse gases in global warming.

    Those who see the uncertainty of cause increased greenhouse gases in global warming; seem to find that the most important causes of uncertainty about the clear failure in the capabilities of computer programs that are used to predict the prospects of future climate changes in emulation of the climate system of the globe; and that the intensity of the complexity of influences that govern this system, until it is beyond the capabilities of faster and better computers, and the scientific knowledge of the impact of such interference effects are still small which makes it difficult or may be impossible to predict long-term climatic changes.

    The beginning of a new idea

    There is also now a new movement to proclaim that the main reason to increase the temperature of the earth is the solar wind; where the lead that the solar wind with the assistance of magnetic field of the sun to reduce the amount of cosmic rays that penetrate the Earth's atmosphere, which contain molecules of high energy you collide with air molecules; to produce new molecules is the nucleus of certain types of clouds that help cool the Earth's surface, and therefore the presence of this lack of solar activity means the amount of cosmic rays, the lack of any clouds that help cool the Earth's surface and thus increase the temperature of the earth's surface.

    According to this thinking that it is more logical and simpler to justify the high temperature of the earth, and that when this low solar activity, the temporary will return the earth's temperature to normal, therefore they see the need to provide huge amounts of money spent on the search for ways to reduce the rates of carbon dioxide emissions; where they are an important They reduce the proportion will not change this a thing as long as the solar activity; since man no matter how increased activity on the surface of this planet will not have any effect on the cosmic order the huge system includes the Earth's climate; so it is best to use those funds in air purification crowded cities of toxic gases, or purification of drinking water for the peoples of the Third World.

    In the end, we are still between supporters and opponents, did not find the question about the reason for global warming in the last decade definitive answer, is it global warming? Or is the solar wind? Whether or not there is an abnormal rise in temperature of the earth? One did not know conclusively yet, but clear that the world is in dire need to reduce Milothath in all its forms, whether in water or air or soil; to maintain the health and the ability of residents of this planet.

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